netflix streaming on the 360 vs PS3

I have netflix on my 360 and it used to be I could only see movies in my instant queue, however now they have 100 titles each of various genres (new releases, TV, comedy, documentary, action, scifi, etc) that I can look through and I like this format much better than when I was only getting access to my instant queue.

What is the format for the PS3 for netflix? Does this limit you to viewing your instant queue, or do you also get to look through recommendations and titles that are not in your instant queue?

You can access other movies and shows.

Relatedly, I downloaded PlayOn last night, and it offers much better picture quality on the PS3 for Netflix that the actual Netflix connection does. Netflix really didn’t like my internet connection.

LOL. In order to get that to work you have to have a CPU with a score of 500+ on PassMark. I tried looking my CPU up and it isn’t even listed. It is a 1.73Ghz Celeron, and the closest comparison is a 2.4Ghz Celeron which is scored at 284. Awesome.

I don’t know much about that stuff. Why would my 1.8Ghz AMD Turion 64 x2 rate so much higher?

Well, first off, you’ve got a dual core processor, which is 1.7x faster than a single core. AMD chips are usuually more efficient than Intel chips, in general. And Celerons are the bottom of the barrel of Intel.

So basically, you’ve got a bargain basement old chip compared to a fairly decent modern chip.

To answer the OP, the PS3’s Netflix browsing experience is similar to the 360s - you have your instant queue, and basic categories like genres, newly added movies & TV, etc., with 50 to 100 titles listed in each category. You have the option to view any of these titles, or add them to your instant queue for viewing later.

You cannot search directly for titles, which I thought the 360 could do (though I may be mistaken), but since the PS3 has a browser, its easy enough to go to Netflix and search/add titles from there.

I’ve got the 360 and I’ve never noticed a function that lets you search by titles. If it has it, I don’t know where.

The computer is the only device I know of that lets you search by title. Gaming consoles and roku boxes do not. I have no idea if Blu-ray players or DVRs allow that.