Netflix: The Other Guys

I don’t normally recommend movies. But this one, a comedy, made me laugh out loud. Which is rare also. Great humor, superb action.

Here’s a link to the movie trailer.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie when it came out (or at least made it to DVD). I’m a fan of Marky Mark and his funky sidekick, Will.

“Aim for the bushes…!”

Marky Mark: “He was a pimp.”

Gator: “I was a pimp.”

Fun movie. I’m surprised it doesn’t have more of a following. I also loved the Rock and Sam Jackson’s attempt to hit the bushes.

The following scene where Mark and Will are trying to figure out what their plan was was pretty good too, “There wasn’t even an awning in their direction…they just jumped” or something like that.

There is a ton of good stuff in that movie.

And the dialog is quite cerebral.

When I posted this thread, I thought it was a recent production. Only to find out it has some years on it, and probably all the dopers have already seen it.

Quite embarrassing.

But, I did enjoy it immensely.

Pimps don’t cry.

I’m a peacock!! YOU HAVE TO LET ME FLY!!