Netflix versus Numberslate

Anyone try this DVD rental service? I would appreciate your comments. Netflix is starting to annoy me again :frowning:

I’ve never heard of numberslate, I’m going to check out your link now.

Just out of curiosity, what’s bothering you about Netflix? They’ve been pretty good to me.

I don’t really have a major problem with Netflix. They are very fast. We receive their movies in one day usually. My problem is that the movies are becoming harder to get (or so it seems) in categories like independent, gay/lesbian. It just seems that the number of copies of less than blockbuster films is too low. A movie gets release then it immediately becomes “very long wait” and it sits in the queue for weeks if not months. When these films are the reason you joined in the first place, it gets annoying. I noticed that Numberslate seemed to have more selection in independent, gay/lesbian, and similar genres judging by the number that are available to rent, and they have titles (a lot!) that Netflix doesn’t have. However, I suspect that the availabiliy of the their titles will diminish as/if they become popular. And, I suspect, that unlike Netflix, they don’t have regional distribution centers which cuts down the amount of time to send and recieve DVD. Netflix use to mail all of the DVDs from California and the service was awful. That’s why I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Numberslate. They may have more of the movies that I want, but no point in putting up with their growing pains like I did with Netflix. My last beef with Netflix is that they refuse to properly categorize their inventory. If you just want to check out DVDs by genres, you pretty much out of luck because they are incomplete. For, example the gay/lesbian genre show a about 25 films at best. They have many more, just that some are labeled independent, some drama, etc. If they are going have genres by subject, then I think they should actually make a sincere attempt to include the relevant DVDs to give people a chance to find DVDs with which they may not be otherwise familiar.