Netflix's impact on the next-gen DVD battle?

I subscribe to Netflix and have recently been having an increase in the percentage of problem discs mrs.gnu and I have received from them. They handle it well from a customer service perspective, but it still has to cost money to replace these dics, seeings how as a whole we don’t treat rental dics very carefully.
From that I supposed Netflix would prefer, above all else, the more durable option between the two rival High-Definition DVD formats. How much impact could this have in the current next-gen DVD battle?

I haven’t plunged into the various message boards debating the merits of HD-DVD and Blu-ray, so I can’t answer which, if either is more durable. If the difference is small, or if the less durable format is no worse than today’s DVD discs, then I don’t imagine it would matter that much to Netflix. It will take a long while for the HD-DVD and/or Blu-ray formats to spread as widely as DVD, and I bet large strides will be made by Netflix and their competitors toward providing high quality rentals via internet downloads.