Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones (open spoilers for Season 1)

I’m waaaay behind the times, I know, but I just finished watching this for the second time and I wanted to talk about it.

Wow, great show. I really didn’t expect to like it so much. Krysten Ritter, amazing, really.

And the whole story, a kind of metaphor for rape and victim-blaming, very powerful, very appropriate for our time.

And I loved the limited use of superpowers. Obviously, Kilgrave’s mind-control power was the main one. Jessica had some fighting ability, and Luke has, what is it, unbreakable skin? But not much more than that.

I really liked the recasting of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel as child star/talk show host Trish Parker. Very well constructed character for Jessica’s best friend.

Luke Cage — good character, and very good way of showing Jessica’s attraction for and growing feelings for him. I was also quite impressed by the fairly explicit interracial sexuality here, and how it was not done in a trashy, exploitative, or gratuitous way.

I’m concerned about how next season is going to go, with Luke Cage getting his own series. It doesn’t seem like it will be possible to keep him playing the same kind of supporting role for Jessica.

I thought the way the Purple Man was translated into Kilgrave. The Purple Man in the book is more of a classic comic villain, but Kilgrave, you could really understand his pathology—not that it made you feel sorry for him—but it really gave you a feel of “what would happen to a person’s character if this thing happened to him?” kind of speculative fiction.

I also liked how the show went there instead of shying away from it in the book, in which the Purple Man only made Jessica watch him have sex with other women. That was a cop-out.

Most movies and television these days really shy away from the idea of abortion being a valid choice for a woman, but here was a serious presentation of the issue that we usually just squawk about in political conversations.

One big complaint—Jeri Hogarth really shouldn’t be capable of making such stupid decisions. And Pam’s whole “not until you’re divorced” thing? Eh, not so believable. It was either incongruously fastidious or too outrageously manipulative.

But the end of Pam’s arc was good, how she got to see how Jeri let her down just like Wendy said she would. But I do think the show Hogarth is a much more interesting character than the book Hogarth.

Malcolm’s arc. Really well handled, and the revelation happened at the right time.

So many moments showing how thoroughly Kilgore was intruding into Jessica’s personal boundaries—and then he occupies the one thing that was her last emotional refuge—devastating!

The whole thing with Officer Simpson and his performance-enhancing drugs I could have done without. And Will Traval is the only actor in the show whose performance wasn’t top-notch.

Oscar’s death seemed uncomfortably close to the “black guy dies” trope, like Ben Urich in Daredevil.

I liked the crossover of Nurse Claire (Rosario Dawson!) and Officer Brett from Daredevil. Somehow, non-super crossovers are much more satisfying than super ones.

I wonder if they can keep the quality up for Season 2. I know I didn’t like Season 2 of Daredevil as much as Season 1.

Wrong one - she’s derived from Patsy Walker/Hellcat. Instead of Patricia = Patsy, they went with Patricia = Trish.

I enjoyed both Netflix series, but one thing I’m a little disappointed with is just how adult they are. Fuck, fuck, fuck, to get “adult” ratings I guess. Young kids can’t watch this. So much for comics and superheroes being for kids and adult fans of comics. Hey honey, let’s watch Daredevil after the kids go to bed.

There’s this other comic book show on, called *Powers *(anyone seen it?). Half the dialogue is fuck, shit, fuck, shit.

When did we decide superheroes aren’t for kids anymore?

Well, I guess kids can still watch the cartoons.

I’m perfectly happy with these being completely adult in nature. In fact I prefer it. There are plenty of things made for kids.

In any case it would be silly to try to tell what is essentially a rape story in a family friendly way.

Oops. But, still, my point is that I think she made a better best friend for Jessica for the purposes of the story than Carol Danvers.

Oh, agreed - in fact I’d argue their friendship is perhaps the best-developed bit in the show. I don’t know if the actors are friends IRL, but really their characters had more chemistry than any of the other pairings ( most of which were good, Trish’s demented boy-toy excepted ).

In the case of Alias, the comic series from which Jessica Jones is drawn, it was explicitly an adult printing. It was always designed to be adult-oriented and somewhat R-rated. In fact the comic might even be a bit rougher around the edges than the show.

I know there are adult comics. I sometimes wonder what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby would think about Luke Cage plowing Jessica’s super vagina with his super penis.

Lee is still alive; one could presumably ask him. Is there any reason to believe either one would be dismayed? Lee was one of the first to buck the CCA. He allowed his image to appear in “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil.”

Yes, but the role she serves if the same one that Carol played in the comics.
I’d love for them to somehow get Paul Rudd on the second season and play a bit with the Scott Lang/Jessica Jones relationship.

I couldn’t possibly give less of a shit what Stan Lee thought about anything :). Yes, he brought some real business acumen to the industry in addition to his creative talents; but unlike other artists, he hasn’t grown with the times, and as far as I can tell he is at this point an anchor that drags on comics, slowing their movement into the 21st century.

Stan Lee? The creator of Striperella? I doubt he would be that scandalized.
My opinion about the show is still the same from the other thread: great show, quite recommended- But they try to drag a two, maybe three episode story line through seven episodes, and they run out of logical plot twists too soon- which leave us with characters having to suddenly become idiots to move the plot forward.

But that’s my only complaint. The rest is gold.

Yea, the complaint seems pretty weird. There’s a metric-ton of comic book stuff right now, you can find more than enough of it geared to about any maturity level you want.

I barely made it through JJ. I think TV shows have gone from being totally episodic to being too attached to having single, season long plot arcs, with little or no episode long plots to keep fill things out. So while the plot of JJ was compelling, it got way too stretched out.

This was especially annoying in JJ, since the format with her being a private-eye seems tailor made to create some decent one-off plots. And unlike the first season of Daredevil, where the villain was at least sort of a complicated criminal network that gave the hero lots of “sub-villains” he could deal with before the climax, JJ really only had the one conflict to draw out over 13 episodes.

I think a majority agree with this particular criticism - I know I do. As someone pointed out it was probably a deliberate move to involve quasi-A-lister ( for nerds ) David Tennant and his compelling character in every episode. But it was a creative fail IMHO - it would have been much better if we didn’t see him to episode 4 or 5 at the earliest and had another episode or two break from him after that.

That said I still think the show as a whole was a comfortable win with a lot of potential going forward.

… You know Stan is completely inconsequential to the comics world at this point. He’s the Hugh Hefner of comics. He gets his due and his detractors but pornography has moved on. How is he an anchor?

I don’t remember it being all that ‘mature’ really, compared to something like say, Game of Thrones. Is there a reason kids can’t hear some swear words? Will it melt away their innocent veneers and turn them into little Hitlers or something?

Is there a reason why they can’t just make yet another sex & violence show? Fresh out of ideas? Have to tap kids’ comics now?

Whatever. I said it’s not that big a deal and I liked the shows. Let’s not get all butt hurt like your sex & violence is being threatened by the moral majority.

The point is that it wasn’t a kids’ comic in the first place.