NetLibrary - Listening to .wma on a Palm?

I’m not interested in violating any copyrights, so please post only legitimate suggestions, thanks!

I am able to download audiobooks in protected .wma format from my library’s NetLibrary website. This is great, because they are free. However, I am used to listening to audiobooks on my Palm Zire with an additional memory card for storage. This worked great when I was downloading my audiobooks from Audible, using the Audible player, but Audible is kinda spendy.

Is there any audio player I can put on a Palm that will play NetLibrary’s .wma files?

Pocket Tunes (deliuxe version) claims to be able to play wma files, but not the ‘professional’ or lossless variants of WMA

Can Windows Media Player 9 run on your Zire? That might be the one to try, since it is one of the three NetLibrary specifically mentions.Q: Do I need any software on my computer to listen to audiobooks?
A: Audiobooks can be downloaded or played on any personal computer or portable listening device that supports Microsoft Windows Media Player v9 and above, Musicmatch Jukebox v8.2 and above, or Nullsoft Winamp v5 and above. I can download an audio book, open it with Windows Media Player, and, after acquiring the license, easily transfer it to my mp3 player.