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I am currently using the Netscape 4.6 browser that I recently upgraded. Every time I go into a “secure” site it tells me that it is unsafe and that it doesn’t recongnise the company who signed their security program stuff. It asks if I want to continue I say yes it tells me to sign this contract thing, I do, then it repeats the process and around and around I go. Does anybody know what I can do about this so I can continue to use secure lines on the internet and quite possibly be allowed to purchase stuff again?

Are you trying different secure sites? If not, what is the site that you are trying?.

The message you are getting is supposed to mean that a copy of the public key for this site could not be found in the Verisign database of registered secure sites. This can happen if the site has not registered with Verisign, or if the host has multiple names, and you access it via a name that is not registered with Verisign.

If this happens at all sites, you have a problem that I have never come across.

It can also be caused by your system date being off, but I would think you would have checked that already. If, for example, your system clock thinks that it’s November '99, some site certificates will appear to be expired which your browser views as a security risk.

I once accidentally threw my machine’s year forward by 1, and I got a similar warning from many sites.

It happens at every site I go to. Including the Straightdope one here. When I go to buy stuff it says that I have to sign the “verisign”. I checked the date again and it says that t the proper date down to the second.

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If you are reasonably sure that a site you want to order from is legit, why not just go to preferences and turn off the security features that are blocking you? You can always reset them again later.
Some of those features are designed for idiots, to protect them from themselves.
Set the level appropriate for the things you really want warned about, and by-pass them temporarily when unnecessary.

Well that problem is no longer a concern. I went back to 4.5. I am now having problems with 3web a free internet service. When will it end :slight_smile:

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Come out, come out where ever you are. :slight_smile: