Netsetter? Ever heard of it?

So I get this e-mail talking about how I signed up for something called Netsetter because I’m so cool (I’m assuming). Offers some kind of download to “accelerate” my internet…yeah, uh huh.

Think I’ll check with the nerds down at the Straight Dope Bar and Grill, see if they know anything. For once.

Sorry, I’m just one of the unitiated, but you might want to check out a search for “Netsetter” through Google. skip the promotional stuff from Netsett itself, and look at the negative reviews. Example:

IIRC, Netsetter was that company that rerouted your internet traffic through their servers where they cache all sorts of visited web pages. That way, your connection would appear to be faster.

Sounds pretty bogus to me. Like a sorry excuse for a company to monitor your surfing habits for a meager few seconds shaved off your download or something.