network cable

How far can you lay network cable? (ethernet - cat. 5)
Between the computer and the hub?
Between two hubs?

Some more info. I need to install a new network for a company. They want two network drops that are around 600’ away from the server. I believe that this surpasses the max distance for ethernet cat. 5 cable. So, how can I get these computers networked together without losing packets?

The maximum distance for Cat5 cabling is 328 ft.

What you would need, in order to accomplish a 600 ft drop, is have two 300 ft drops interconnected with a repeater.

And if you can’t put a piece of equipment (a repeater) in the middle (i.e. there is no power available in between, or you’re going through a 600-foot conduit with no access to the middle), you have other options:

You can run fiber optic cable for miles, but then you have to buy expensive media converters to go from ethernet to fiber and vice versa on the other end.

OR you could do what I’ve done in cases where super high bandwidth didn’t make too much difference, and buy a couple of DSL routers and operate them in bridging (aka “back-to-back”) mode. This will get you 1.5mbit for up to 11000 feet of CAT5, and the speed drops off for longer distances up to about 5 miles. If your server serves very much stuff, of course, this won’t do. Just in case, though, I used Flowpoint 2200 routers, and found very clear instructions on for how to set them up this way.