Networking Dopers, help!

No, I don’t need assistance meeting business contacts and such, the computer-type networking.

My internet has been experiencing frequent, but short outages for the past couple months. ISP said that they were doing upgrades or other work. So I let it go. They did not that the cable modem (coax account, bundled with TV), was old so they swapped it out for a newer one.

Past week or so has been very good with no perceived outages. Then Thurs. it goes down. Still down Fri morning so I make a call. They send a tech out and he tests the drops, one is weak, but the one I’m using is quite good according to his instruments. He says he doubts it is the cable modem. But, I don’t know what else it could be. Previously I connected modem to wireless router and used wi-fi card to connect the PC. But, on the chance it was the router, I connected the pc to the modem via cat-6 cable.

If it is router, I’ve eliminated it, so that shouldn’t be it. If it is the NIC, it should have worked fine when I was using router. The drop tests as good. So it has to be the modem, right? I’m running Win 8, if that helps. Posting from work, since I can’t do research at home (no internet!).

Thanks in advance.


Things tend to fail when they’re new or old - the modem is certainly a possibility.