Networking question

My girlfriend bought a laptop comp and a wireless lan card.

I’ve been trying to connect her to my home network (wireless) but can;t seem to do it.

I’ve installed the software that came with the lan card and I’ve set up the connection.

I’ve double checked the key code, and the signal strength. The comp connects to my network, but it does not receive any info. None whatsoever.

It’s weird because my other desktop is also runnign wireless and it connects just fine.

Are there any things I should be chcking out, perhaps differences between how a lan card hooks up compared to a wireless PCI card on a desktop?

If one or both of the machine’s OS(s) have XP there are few security settings you have to release/configure before the PC will allow network access to it’s data or be seen on the network.

Are the SSID settings all the same and the same case? If the SSID password setting is not same case (upper/lowe) as on the wireless router the connection will not take.

Yep both are the same.

I’ve been continuing to try and get the laptop to connect I’m still gettting a connection to the network. It says it is connected (the two little monitors on the bottom right of the screen appear, but only the left one lights up. And sure enough when I click on status I see that packets are only being sent, but not received).

When I look at my router’s DCHP list I can see that the computer has been assigned an ip address, but the computer name is missing. This is what it looks like:

Lord MAC Address
(blank) Mac Address

When I hit the repair connection button in windows it tells me that renewing the IP address procedure has failed.

It’s really weird, I can;t think of anything that I’m doing wrong. I do the same thing on my other wireless desktop and I don’t have this problem.

Looks like a GQ thread.

Anyhow, you need to get TCP/IP running on both machines, you also need to enable NETBIOS and NETBEUI. Both must be in the same workgroup. Also assign a name to the notebook computer.

It does to me, too. Let me move it for you.

What computer, operating system & Lan card is this?

If you have a firewall then check the settings on it.