Never Ending Story question

OK, at the end of the movie, when Bastian yells his mother’s name out the window, what is the name? It’s incredibly hard to understand.


This thread has been done several times before, but its Moonchild.

Here I was thinking to myself that finally, yes finally, someone had asked the question that has been on my mind since the movie came out. Unfortunately the question wasn’t asked in this thread, so I will slightly hijack it to add:

Does anyone have the real movie? I ask this because my copy ends about an hour and a half after it begins. I’ve tried to rent other copies, but they end too, and at precisely the same point.


The running time is listed as 94 minutes, what “real” version are you talking about and what is the secret ending?

Your copy is only a half hour long? It must be a different movie, perhaps a copy of pilot of the TV series.

I believe Meatros was referring to the matter in the case of Hutz v. Warner Bros.

I hesitate to mention that there was a film loosely based on the part of the book not in the first one, with an entirely different crew. And then a third one, with a new story and yet again new actors. I can only hope that you will never have to see these horrors.

I’ll concur with what panamajack said…avoid the second movie at all costs, and although I’ve never seen the third one, I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it.

As for the OP, I gave what I hope was a fairly definitive answer in this thread.


Yes my tongue was firmly in my cheek!:smiley:

And Cardinal, if you’ve not read the book, find a copy and read it. It is, in every sense of the word, fantastic.


My first-born son shall be named Atrayoo.

Is it just coincidence that the original Neverending Story ( Die Unendliche Geschichte) was written by Michael Ende ?

(Ende = “end” in German)

For what it’s worth, the movie (the first and only one, as far as I am concerned) ended at the point where the book just gets going.

Very disconcerting, but no big surprise.