Never Let Me Go, what was the point of the school? SPOILERS

And wouldn’t it have been much more humane to just grow brainless bodies in tanks?

Or lets assume the tank thing is not possible, what purpose was served by this extensive schooling? Why did they need well educated organ bags?

Oh and I could swear the students are all copies or clones of existing people who they eventually donate to, but there was one line of dialgoe about them being modeled after or cloned from the lowest people in society? I’m unsure but that doesn’t make much sense.

*I thought The Island did this better since it was obvious they were using the organ farms as slave labor.

It’s a while since I read the book, but as I remember, the school happened because a group of people at the time were trying to ensure clones were given more rights and treated more humanely - collecting the children’s artwork was an attempt to prove that they had souls and emotions like anyone else. It also gradually became noticeable in the book that the kids at Hailsham didn’t seem to have normal lessons - the school focused heavily on artistic subjects and sports, presumably because the kids didn’t need to be well educated in the usual sense.

Kathy later finds out that many clones didn’t have happy childhoods like hers at all. Basically, Hailsham was there for the sole purpose of trying to give the children more pleasant lives - it was something of an experiment by a small group of people concerned about the ethics of the clone system, and by the end of the novel it seemed as if that whole idea was over anyway.

As for your other question, I don’t think they were clones specifically of the people they would donate to, I think they were clones of the “lowest people in society” who would later donate their organs to anyone in need of one. It seems more practical to do it that way, since presumably that way they could select strong, healthy people with no organ defects. And if all the ‘normal’ people had a specific clone each, there’d be a lot of problems with that system (what if your clone got hit by a bus and died? Or what if you needed a heart transplant first, took your clone’s heart, they died, and then the following year you need a liver transplant?)

I’m basing most of this on the book since I don’t remember the film so well, but I think it was more or less the same.

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