Never Misunderestimate George Bush

Don’t Misunderestimate Bushisms; They Resignate

One way or another, that guy is having an impact.

Just a nitpick, but referring to the President of the United States as “Dubya” in a news article is’nt incredibly professional…I’m disappointed in Reuters for allowing that nickname to lead their article. I’m fairly certain they’d never even consider referring to President Clinton as “Slick Willie” or President Reagan as “Ronnie”.

You sure about that? I have heard/read Clinton referred to as “Bubba” many times. Rueters isn’t the only news source using the nickname either.

Most news agencies relax their standard a bit for humorous pieces. You’ll note that story is in Yahoo’s “Oddly Enough” section. Reuters would never call him Dubya in a serious story.

I don’t know, those are all perfectly cromulent words.

It still strikes me as…improper…for a respected news agency, regardless of the “tone” of the article. NYR407, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Clinton referred to as “Bubba” by any news commentator or in a news article (unless, of course, somebody’s being quoted). Dispite my dislike for Mr Clinton, it’d still annoy the hell out of me if I did see it - it just isn’t professional.

Perhaps Reuters is out to get Mr. Bush? Either that, or attempting to fulfill their “radical liberal communist media” requirements for the year.

A noble spirit embiggins the smallest man.

Probably just a subliminible message.

Apparently, ABC News, CNN, and Time Magazine are not professional news sources.

Hmm, that’s odd, I don’t seem to remember using the words “radical”, “liberal”, or “communist” at any point in my post. In fact, I took care to leave politics out of my statement, and instead focus on the lack of respect shown to the office of the President, no matter who is serving in that role. I even stated that I would find it annoying if Bill Clinton had been referred to as “Bubba” or “Slick Willie” in a news article, regardless of my opinion of him as a person or a public official.

Gosh, thank you so much for showing me my obvious conservative conspiracy nut bias. :rolleyes:

Duke, I’m not declaring Reuters to be less than a professional news source, I’m stating that the reporter who wrote the story is not being as professional as he or she should. Using childish nicknames to refer to the President of the United States before even using his proper name in a national news story is just not a professional way to write the news, whether it’s supposed to be “whimsical” or not. It’s like children calling each other names on the playground.

Can anyone here imagine Walter Cronkite beginning a news cast by declaring “Don’t misunderestimate Dubya…” He’d have never done something like that, because he had a reliable, professional image to maintain.

And I don’t see where his comment was aimed at you. No need to take it so personally.