Never sold a Painting in his LIFE!

In discussions of the merits of art, it is often noted that a piece may not be fully appreciated in it’s time but is considered great by later generations.

[Charming little vignette written by bienville]
Sally and Sue are viewing one of Trolouski’s latest works.

Sally: Who does this guy think he is? trying to pass this garbage off as Art?

Sue: You know, the greatest Artists have always been misunderstood by their contemporaries. So-and-So never sold a painting in her lifetime.
[/Charming little vignette written by bienville
Who are some artists who really never sold a painting/manuscript/sculpture/whatever during their lifetime? -Not artists who were simply unpopular or misunderstood but artists who truthfully literally NEVER sold a work while they lived.


Van Gogh.

but he did. To his brother.

Emily Dickinson wrote 1,775 poems and published 7 of them. I don’t believe she was paid for any of them.

Of course, she wasn’t exactly marketing herself very hard.