Never thought I'd say this but can we please ban bacon?

His posting history shows racial slurs and trolling and general jerk-being. He has 23 posts. Someone should stop him before he makes a 24th.

Looking at his posting history, I agree he’s a jerk and a troll. But he’s not a very ambitious one. He’s only posted twice this year. Why bother with him?

I hit the link and got “Sorry-No Matches”.

And those are his first posts since 2012. For one of which he received a warning, and the other is in the Pit. It is arguable whether he should have received warnings for previous posts, but they are quite old now.

I would advise that if you see objectionable posts from him, you simply report them. If you are really concerned, you can discuss the matter with the mods by PM. Calling for a banning in ATMB serves no real purpose. We don’t make decisions on that basis.

Moderator Action

We do not ban based on requests.

Thread closed.