New Advertising Business?

I just had a great idea…burst my bubble, please!
I rent advertising space on the sides of pet dogs! (In return for wearing a coat with the advertsing on it, the dog owner gets a free dog coat and a small fee).
I figure that the dog gets walked in public, so lots of people will see the ads.
In summer, the dogs would wear a light “raincoat”, in winter, a fleece coat.
Sound like a plan?
This should make me a million!

I’m not sure if the market for dog coats is really that big. Also, I’m not sure you’d want to sell your dog as some kind of walking billboard for a coat and a nominal fee, since they can’t really be all that expensive to begin with.

I don’t want to be a nay sayer, but I don’t think this is going to bring you any millions anytime soon. :smiley: