New and Improved: the old one was better...

Bought a box of Vegetable Thins the other day. The box had “New and Improved” splattered all over it. Frankly, they tasted better before.

What products have you found where the old one was better? Or, the improved version is actually better?


Not to harp on about pop-tarts, but they were a world better when they were wholly vat mixed synthetic strawberry flavor and high fructose corn syrup. Now thet they have “Real Smuckers fruit” they’re just too…er… ORGANIC for me.


I intend to be one of those cranky old ladies who always says “everything was better back in the 20th century!”

Clothing, of course–I remember when skirt hems were weighted with tiny lead weights, to make them hang properly. Now, try to find a skirt that even has a hem!

Also, my new VCR is much harder to program and more annoying to use than my 1988 model, which finally expired this year.

New and “improved” barbecue flavored Corn Nuts. Yuck.

The New Metallica… they were better with Cliff (RIP, man…)
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Amen, Madpoet.

And does anybody else remember when they changed the recipe for Chewy Chips Ahoy?? That was a black day.

Coke. Remember?

Yer pal,

All of them!

“New and Improved” is usually marketing’s way of saying: “This was a successful cost reduction project. We hope you won’t notice the coincidentally reduced quality of the taste, texture, effectiveness, etc. because this is how we managed to either increase margin, or maintain margin without raising the price too much”

When I see the words “new and improved” I expect that I’ll end up searching for a replacement for a favored product.

When coke decided to switch back, I would ask in restaurants for the “new coke”, and act disappointed when they didn’t have it.

But my one-man effort was not enough to change the course of history.

I didn’t care, because I hate all soft drinks equally.

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