New animal discovered - A venomous, chameleon ...snake!

Kind of interesting

A snake with the ability to change its colour has been found in the rainforested heart of Borneo

How odd… in googling it it appears there’s a scientific paper on it from 2005. Hardly appears to be “news” if that’s the case.

Also, it barely talks about the color changing issue. You’d think that would be front and center.

It was published December 31, 2005. So, it’s only a little over six months old; it’s not at all unusual for science-related stories to take that long to find their way into the popular press.

Seems like a snake with the wrong notion of what changing colors is all about. I mean, come on. It went from reddish-brown to white in a dark bucket.

Stupid snake.

Maybe it was bred for its skills in magic.

God help us if this monstrosity gets onto a plane!!


Now, I’m no biologist or anything more than someone who maybe watches a little too much Discovery Channel on occasion, but this quote:

seems silly. Am I the only one who can intuit why a predator might evolve the ability to remain camouflaged?

This was what the Skrulls evolved from.