New Apprentice mods

Hey fellow SDMBers. Please give these new guys a break. Sure, they may not do things exactly as their predecessors, but that is a Good Thing. I checked, and they are not really all clones.

Stop saying every time they deviate from what you have come to expect they are making a new rule, and please stop calling them out for it in ATMB.

They are doing a thankless hard job for no recompense, (except that pair of slightly used jackboots. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Give them a break and not a ration of shit, OK?

Okay. :+1:

Nobody is beating up on the mods. Folks are raising valid concerns about particular actions. The forum has a registration agreement and about 40 stickies detailing various do’s and don’ts. When actions occur outside of that, especially in the forums that by nature are contentious and folks are at odds with each other over differences that in some cases stem from deeply held core beliefs, some concern is justifiable when unpredictable or inconsistent actions occur.

Look, I’ve been a mod. Having people complain about your moderating is par for the course, and healthy, IMO. The kind of heat they get in ATMB is nothing compared to the shit being slung at them behind closed doors. They can handle it.

I think overall the modding has been great. Doesn’t mean I haven’t disagreed with individual decisions - or in some cases, talked out of them.

One must ask, is there another message board you frequent where the moderation suits your preferences most or all the time? If so, why bother taking any time from that blissful place to brave the unfair persecution of this oppressive hellscape?

Or to rephrase, why are we not reading your pearls of wisdom on Parler or Gab?

This is ATMB, not the pit. Please refrain from personal attacks.

Yes they are.

Folks are raising valid concerns about particular actions. No, they are not. The last two ATMB beat ups were about issues that just show the new staff have their own personality and also might make a few minor mistakes along the line.

Just PM them, rather that starting a bitchfest in ATMB.

I can understand why you might not want to link to particular threads if you are trying not to exacerbate examples of mod criticism, but honestly I do not see two threads in the top dozen or so that seem like giving them “a ration of shit.” Can you give us a hint, at least?

I’m all for being nice to mods, especially ones that are just getting their footing. There is a lot to learn. But that does not mean refraining from reasonable public discussion of questionable mod calls. Feedback is useful as new mods figure things out. If a lot of respected posters say that they are uncomfortable with a mod action, that can be good to know. Also, maybe someone will chime in to defend the mod action - that can’t happen with a PM.

I’m a mod on another board and have been there through some contentious times. And occasionally I’ve been ridiculed or insulted (rarely, fortunately, but it can happen). The criticism never hurt my feelings; why would it? If the criticism was fair, I learned from it. If it was wrong, I shrugged it off.

No one in their right mind would accept a mod position without recognizing that they ARE going to get a “ration of shit” from time to time. To expect anything different is like having a baby and not expecting to have to change diapers. I’m quite certain our new mods, long time participants in Dope culture, knew EXACTLY what they were getting into when they agreed to moderate.

Anyway, I think our new mods are terrific and doing a great job. Yes, I do question a couple of calls I’ve seen, and I said so in ATMB. But that’s what ATMB is for. If someone posts an unfair criticism of a mod, you can be sure other posters will say so.

Can the mods require a poster to reply to a question?
Inappropriate moderator post

Thank you. I don’t see a “ration of shit” in either of those threads, but I’ve only read the first part of the first link so maybe I’m missing something. Anyway, the specific examples are good to have.

This is true. It’s nice if the feedback is polite and of course it should be kept in the right forum. And hey, appreciation is always welcome. But a certain amount of shit comes with the job.

(I’m a new mod here, and still getting my grounding on the appropriate moderation “style”, but I’ve been a mod on other boards for years.)

This forum is specifically for those types of threads. Clarification isn’t abuse.

Well, at least your puzz is legal. :laughing:

I thought both of those moderator posts were inappropriate when I read them in their thread. One was clarified so that it made sense though could have been phrased better and the other was withdrawn as inappropriate.

Telling the mods when they’ve screwed up is a good thing it both helps them get better and establish our board culture. I certainly haven’t read every post in those two threads since once I saw my greavance was covered I moved on rather than post but I didn’t see anything wrong in either thread. There is no reason to let people screw up when they are learning a new job its better to correct them initially rather than letting it build.

Yep, me too.


I don’t understand this comment. My post was basically “for someone with so many moderation complaints, you sure do post here a lot, isn’t there somewhere more to your liking?” Is it too sarcastic?

I did mention Parler and Gab because it’s said to be an oasis of free speech for conservatives who disdain moderation. I don’t think it’s an insult to imply someone is a conservative (if it’s true).

Your post was dripping with sarcasm. You could have expressed the same sentiment as you just did, politely and civilly.

It was also veering off topic, and being about whether particular other posters deserve to complain, (and belong on this board) rather than about moderation and feedback to the new mods. That’s close enough to the topic that I wouldn’t have intervened had your post been more polite. But together with the sarcasm i felt you were moving the conversation in an unconstructive direction.

Feel free to criticize my reasoning here (that, ironically, is very on topic) but please leave octopus out of it.

You werent warned, if you had been, I would join you in protesting, but I can see a note.

It doesnt go on your permanent record!

If posts can no longer be dripping with sarcasm, some folks around here are going to go through some things. But not me! I’ll be nice.

Oh good, I thought I was the only one who consistently reads her username that way!