New at Portland State University

I just began attending Portland State University and I’m rather new to the whole University thing, though I am adjusting fairly well. Anyone who currently goes there or used to go there like to tell me about some things I should or should not do? Things I definatly need to see/do/eat/etc.


Are you new to Oregon and/or Portland, or just PSU?

There’s loads to do in downtown Portland. Take advantage of the free bussing in the downtown area. Go running at the waterfront, hit Saturday Market, take in the nightlife scene (don’t know if you’re over 21), hang at Powell’s, study in the Park Blocks while the weather’s still good.

I was only at PSU one quarter (transferred to OSU), but I found that it was difficult to make friends there, because there are so many commuter students, and non-traditional students with families, etc. Join some clubs on campus right away, and take advantage of the friends-making window when the freshman are all new and looking for other people to hang out with.


Just PSU. I’ve lived in the Portland area for years.

hides his commuter student badge

I’ll try to find a club, though very few of them look like they do anything for me. I’m also not sure if they cost anything or require that you actually know something about the subject (If you join a fencing club, do you need your own equipment? Do you need to know how to do it beforehand?)

I’m probably only be able to join one, as there’s an evil bitch that is sucking up my time, and her name is CALCULUS, so I may have to slay her before I can expand my extra-cirricular activities.