New Avengers 7 Q

In the current issue of New Avengers, there’s a double page spread of washed-up superheroes who want to hire on as Baby Cage’s nanny. Can anybody ID them all? There are several I don’t recognize, like the little girl with a bear ears hood and the woman who’s shocked that nobody recognizes her.

Not sure why Nighthawk’s there; isn’t he ultra-rich or something? Maybe he was Hellcat’s ride…

This page has a cast list (with links to character bios), which should tell you everything you need to know. The girl with the ears is Molly Hayes, and the one they don’t recognise is Ultragirl.

I’m more curious about what Trapster’s doing there.

I love obscure characters. The ones I didn’t recognize were Ultragirl, Molly Hayes, Julia Carpenter and Shadowwoman.

Wherever super-obscure characters go, there goes Paste Pot Pete.

I like that Squirrelgirl got the job.

She’s beaten Thanos AND Dr. Doom y’know.
I do not like that Bendis still trolls Tigra like a filthy whore.

Also, most of those characters are out of character for the joke.