New Bach Composition Discovered!

Tres, cool, IMHO.

You can hear some of it here.

And if we could get all those Leipzigers to clean out their attics, who knows what we’d find?

I just shelled out $$$ for a 60-CD set of Bach’s cantatas–and in one fell swoop, it is rendered incomplete. Curses! (At least, I am getting the impression from news reports that it is a cantata, or part of one. Correct or incorrect?)

Does the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople know about this?

An aria setting of part of a poem also found among the birthday greetings so your cantata collection is safe. It was a real lucky break: the box they were in was removed from the library shortly before the library was gutted by fire, all because somebody wanted to sort out the duke’s birthday cards!

Yes, they found out about it PDQ.