new beatles pinball machines

oh dear lord if anyone bought me this" and the star wars one they made id never ask for anything again ever ……… I do hope they licensed the music tho
but if I had 100k in cash lying around …… look at this catalog
but 8k the most expensive? I think that’s what they went for in the 80s/90s when you bought to own instead of leasing …… like a lot of arcades did

That number sounds high, especially for 1990. Current-generation machines (like, for example, Shrek) went for just over $5000, I think. The new “video screen” ones (The Wizard of Oz comes to mind) probably do cost a bit more than that, however.

It does look like the days of 10c a game - er, 2 games for 25c - no, 25c a game - hold on, it’s 50c a game - now it’s 75c a game - are over; $1 a game seems to be the norm for the new ones.

The link that was supposed to be to the catalog was actually the same link as the article. Would you mind reposting?