NEW Bern, NEW Paltz, and other cities with the NEW emphasized

I recently drove along much of the East Coast of the US. My route took me near New Bern, NC, which is pronounced with the accent on the NEW; and near New Paltz, NY, which is the same way. NEW Bern and NEW Paltz…like that.

Place names with “New,” in the US at least, much more commonly have the emphasis on the second part of the name: New LONDON, New BRITAIN, New GLARUS, New ORLEANS (yeah, yeah, I guess NAW-lins is kind of ambiguous).

So the question came up: are there others pronounced with the same emphasis as New Bern and New Paltz? I’m not counting cities that are single words, such as Newport and Newburgh (and yes, I know New Bern was once spelled Newbern, but I’m talking now). I looked in an atlas, but realized I wasn’t sure how some of the smaller “New” towns are actually pronounced. So, I turn to the experts…are there others?