New bicycle speed record

85.7 mph vs 83.1

I’ve gone 39.9 down a steep hill…


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If you to go really fast, you’ll need a recumbent:)

I’ve hit 56 on both a mountain bike and my handcycle. Failure of nerves that I didn’t go faster in both cases.

I’ve been in the mid-50s a couple of times, but no more. After a couple of ‘death wobble’ incidents at speed, I seldom go above 30 mph anymore.

Aye, that’s me too. I was facing an 800+ foot drop off a cliff if I hit a small rock and lost control the last time I was going that fast; I slowed down and have never since sped back up (to that kind of speed).

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It’s easy to set a speed record on a bike when you blow through all the stop signs and red lights. (kidding!)

Is this for open-air cycling only? Because I recall the record for a bicycle using a draft vehicle to have hit ca. 150 mph many years ago.

I think that’s amazing, and the guy who was riding has huge legs.

But that video was *so *annoying to watch…no shot more than 3 seconds. Ugh! That seems to be more common these days, when shakycam isn’t enough.

It’s for human powered vehicles running on a flat track. A draft vehicle is not allowed, but pretty much anything that does not involve engines is.

The record broken was for a running start. They get eight kilometers to get up to speed and then are measured over a 200 meter stretch. There are other records for standing start.

I noticed they didn’t have a window on the fairing; used video screens for steering and balance. If you’re gonna do that, I was wondering if it might be possible to put the rider in facing backwards. You might get a more aerodynamic shape with the shoulders and torso forward and tapering back over the legs and rear wheel. You could also have a lighter drivetrain with the pedals closer to the rear wheel.

Very impressive speeds there - to be honest, I’d be lucky to do 20 mph, let alone 80! :eek:

The EIVIE team from Slovania uses that design. The rider lies down on his/her back, head forward, and uses a mirror to see ahead. They have been pretty successful. They did 80.01 mph at the same event. And they held the hour record from 2008 to 2009.

And for a certain definition of “flat.” The rules (set by the International Human Powered Vehicle Association) allow for up to 2/3 percent grade. So someone drove around the US looking for the longest straight road that’s almost, but not quite, 2/3 percent downhill. And at the highest altitude possible (thinner air = less air resistance). And found this road in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Top fuel dragsters everywhere must be shaking in their boots. Any day now their standing quarter records are going to be blown away by guys in human powered vehicles.

Yowza! 56 MPH on a mountain bike? How steep was the grade??

My personal top speed is just about 50 MPH, and that on a carbon fiber road bike – and the main reason I couldn’t push past 50 was that I had run out of gearing! :eek:

Maybe I just need a beefier big ring…

Steep enough. :smiley:

I had ridden up Old Soquel Rd(near Santa Cruz) to Summit Rd and was coming back down. The pitch changed frequently so I don’t know what the grade was at that point.

I’ve done similar although I must admit my glance at my speed was rather hasty, considering. But the worst was that the road was bitumen but suddenly and unexpectedly turned to dirt. Thank Og for disk brakes. I was able to get from totally freakin’ insane speed down to merely crazy speed before I reached the unpaved surface.

And the answer to your final question is “very”.