New Black Mirror drops tomorrow! (12/28/18)

A new Black Mirror movie is coming tomorrow. It’s apparently an interactive type thing. More info here:

I just tested my Smart TV app(which is always updating) and it said it can not play interactive things.

If you want to test, try the Minecraft Story mode thing. It is choose-your-own adventure.

I guess…I’ll connect my PC to the TV? I only have a Wii U other than my PC for netflix.

Note: For those that care, it actually worked on the Wii U, which does NOT update its Netflix app to my knowledge.


We just got an Amazon Fire TV Stick for mas, and the Minecraft Story movie worked. But I hope Black Mirror works the technology into their show better. The Minecraft action would stop, and a voice would say "Okay, now, do you choose Twingo Loses A Shoe, or Twingo Loses An Eye?"

I’m sure fare for adults would be better, but if they stop (wouldn’t they have to at least pause?), it’ll really take me out of the show.

I also hope it works well.

Uh…if it is really long, how do you save your progress? I hope Netflix keeps where you are at. I mean, what if you quit 1/2 way through?

Are we sure that it is “choose your own adventure”? The articles I have read merely hopes that it is based upon the rumors.

How do you control the interactive content with the FireTV remote? I am playing Minecraft: Story Mode, but when I press buttons on the remote it pauses, rewinds or fast forwards.

That’s what the buttons do 99% of the time. If it’s working, the movie pauses and you’re given a choice:
Left button for “Shinny down this drainpipe and go explore a cave with Tom and Becky” or Right Button for “Grab onto the zipline and glide over the armored SUVs to escape the terrorists”

Then and only then the left and right sides of the circle on the FireTV remote highlight your choice. Push the center button and start shinnying.
I do wish it was more like DRAGON’S LAIR, though…

At least the Minecraft movie did not pause. The movie continues with the choices appearing in the bottom middle of the screen with a countdown bar timer to highlight the choice and a crosshairs (+) as a selection indicator. Any use of the buttons resulted in fast forwarding, pausing, or rewinding.

At one point it told me to “right click” to do something?!?

Nevermind. Watching the wrong clip! Thanks.

Rumors are pretty strong, including the bold claim they filmed over 4 hours of material for this episode.

I hope so, but I have not seen any confirmation. I know that nobody on this board wants to hear about me performing sexual acts on myself or my involuntary sexual reactions, so I’ll wait until it is confirmed, and when it is confirmed, I will refrain from posting about it. :slight_smile:

I love Black Mirror, but this “choose your own adventure” idea is absolutely terrible. Telling the story is their job, not mine. I suck at storytelling, which is why I’m a musician and not a novelist or screenwriter.

So this should be available at midnight, correct? Any of you east coast people watch it yet?

…okay: that was brilliant. DON’T GET SPOILED. Don’t read until you’ve watched.

[SPOILER]I was initially a little bit disappointed that the story didn’t have a “coherent narrative.”

But as I kept trying again to get different endings I suddenly realized that everything was playing out exactly as the old “Choose your own adventure” books played out. The “break-the-fourth-wall” ending. The “you are crazy” ending. The mind control ending. The abrupt “is that it?” ending. So it took a few endings for me to get it: but this is a giant love-letter to the choose-your-own-adventure books. Its not just the gimmick of “multiple endings”. Its how the multiple endings match the often random WTF moments you used to get when reading “Space and Beyond” and you end up on the " planet of old babies" or the ending of Inside UFO 54-40 that you can only get to if you cheat.

It might not have the same impact if you’ve never read the books, but if you have, it will transport you right back in time.

Its not supposed to have a coherent narrative because the books almost never did.

There probably is a “optimal ending” but I’m gonna stick with the “Netflix/Fuck Yeah/Kick’em in the balls” ending as my definitive canon end. (Unless I’ve missed something, which I probably have :slight_smile: ) Absolutely fantastic.[/SPOILER]

Just finished “watching” it. The interactivity is pretty much along the lines of a Telltale game - you’ll occasionally be prompted with two choices for how to progress, with a time limit to choose one. Some of these are cosmetic, like what breakfast cereal you want, or what cassette to listen to on the bus, and some of them open up branching paths in the story.

On a whole, it’s very metafictional, and uses the choose-your-own-adventure concept mainly as a commentary on the nature of free will. Occasionally you’ll hit a “bad” ending where it prompts you to go back to the previous choice, and there’s sometimes added material in the replayed scene that references stuff from your previous choices. I’m not sure if there’s a “true” ending, as once I’d reached a certain point it seemed like I’d run out of branching paths, and it then jumped right to the end credits. There was one path I couldn’t seem to unlock where you’re expected to type in a phone number from memory - I only got one shot at it, and couldn’t find my way back to that path afterward.

Of the endings I did get to, I was most amused by the one where

Steffan discovers that he’s an actor playing a character in a Netflix special

but I didn’t really find it all that satisfactory, since it leaves the main plotline hanging.

Given that the main character is a schizophrenic, there’s a lot of unanswered questions about how much of the story is “real” in terms of the world he lives in and how much of it is in his head.

It’s definitely a bold endeavor, and well-executed, but the lack of a definitive ending leaves it feeling unfinished. I guess I’d give it two-and-a-half stars out of five.

I didn’t get all all the endings (probably need to restart for some), but the last ending I got before the credit roll, felt like a ‘definite’ Black Mirror ending to me. A bleak resolution.

Ending with joining your mother on the train. I think suggests it was mental illness, not PACS, unless the dad/doctor are faking their grief (in the twist)

Is it possible to watch it without the “choose” part? For instance, if someone didn’t have a smart tv, what would they see?

If you’re trying to play it on a device that will run Netflix but not the interactive content, it’ll play an apology, instead. (If you’re trying to play it on a device that can’t run the interactive content, but THINKS it can (like my BR player), it’ll play the tutorial for playing the interactive content, then fail out when it won’t let you actually have it (at least that’s what said BR player did).)

I had to (re)install Netflix on my tablet to get it working (my TV, BR, and cable box can all run Netflix, but none of them can handle the interactive content, any more, which is ANNOYING, and my computer has a flaky connection). This seems appropriate given that the plot involved failing to get a game working.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of the possible endings, so will have to try it again, later.

I pretty much got stuck in the cluster where he killed his dad. Which featured, in one of the paths, my favourite line from the entire thing, after he [del]decided[/del]was told not to kill Colin. ‘That must have been anti-climactic for you. But I appreciate it. I’m rather enjoying this life. See you in the next one.’

I never chose to do that, so looks I definitely need to re-watch with different choices.

Colin was out of the picture in my path rather quickly, but I didn’t go back to him after the first meeting at his home (not sure that was even an option).