New business name ideas

Need a cool name for a photography business dealing almost exclusively with babies. It will be primarily doing in hospital shots of newborns.

First Foto is taken.

I’m sure I can arrange a prize when and if it is used.

Any suggestions?

Precious Memories. Nope, taken.

First Memories, perhaps?

Darling Photos.

BabyShots, of course, used as one word.

Photographic Memories.

First Moments.


Momeries I guess to you though.

Newsflash (newborns, big news, flash photography… I dunno)

New Smiles

Photo Ops


Baby It’s You

I somehow feel “Fresh Ones” sounds good too.

In no particular order, and also off the top of my head (Some may be better than others.):

“Isn’t That Precious”
“First Steps Photography”
“Goo Goo Photography”
“Child’s Perspective”

That’s all I could think of for now. Hope this helps.

Nappy Snaps… but I guess that doesn’t work so well in the US where “nappies” are called “diapers”…

Newborn Images

Beginnings Photography

Frame One

First Exposure

Thanks for the Mammaries?

Moppet Shots

Angel Face Photography

Photos to Treasure

Spitting Image

Picture Perfect

or Pulchritudinous Portraits :slight_smile:


Baby Face

Babes (Could work for other situations also.)

First Impressions

Milk and Kisses Photography

Stork’s Photography

Tot Shots

I thought of one more…

Cribimages (or, if you prefer, Cribimagery)