New cable channel - Wealth TV - The end must be nigh,2933,108436,00.html

How much time is left for our people?

About 10 minutes.

Maybe that’s not bad, at least I won’t have to watch that stupid channel.

Who cares about that shit anyway?

They did say one thing I agree with, though …

There’s a reality TV network in the works too.


About 3 years ago I underwent a bit of a personal sea-change (as did Mrs Boo Boo). We adopted the philosophy that by and large, commercial TV simply offers anything it can offer to act as a vehicle to shove advertisements down our throats.

Sometimes, that “something” is a tried and proven old chestnut like “60 Minutes” or professional sports like football etc, or other times it might be more “novelty” based television like the current plethora of reality TV shows. And other times, it might just be brain dead crap like “Friends”.

Whatever, we found ourselves watching less and less and less. We basically only turn the thing on during the weekends now to watch a film or maybe a cool history documentary.

It was a liberating thing with hindsight. Namely, to become so cynical about the motives behind the choices behind the programs that we (the public) are offered to watch, well our lifestyles changed for the better. We do other shit now… lots more reading and other interests and hobbies.

As a result, occasionally I stumble across a thread like this and I’m reminded once again of that little epiphony we had 3 or more years ago.

I’m headed down that road myself.

I think it would be a very informative channel, on how wealthy people got that way. I would watch it. Not everyone inherited it. What’s wrong with wanting to be rich?

What you suggested isn’t too bad Ivy, I just think it will actually end up being 24/7 of P diddy, Paris & gang doing the wild on E thing.

We don’t need any more of that.

I think E! pretty much has that covered. The article said they would focus not on how the rich live, but how they got there, and they wouldn’t necessarily focus on the stars.

A lot of wealthy people worked damned hard to get where they are, and I admire them for it.

I guess I’m a cynic, I just don’t see this being a “rags to riches” channel, giving us a glimpse into the life of all these hardworking who pulled themselves up by the bootstraps.

Maybe it will start that way, but a format change will occur about a week later, when it becomes the exact opposite of what it was intended to be. We might as well call it E2 or something.

Who pulls down bigger ratings, Paris Hilton or her Grandfather?


Has anyone ever known someone who gave up the Demon Image Box that didn’t do their best to bring it up at every single opportunity?

As you were.

-Joe, doesn’t need to shout his few good habits from the mountaintop

I always thought that the Hitler Channel was the precurser of end times.