new Canadian quarters

I got a 2000 Canadian quarter [this is in Houston]. The design looks like a special Y2K design since it has what looks like a “2” on it. The frount has “quarter” so it is not a $2 coin.

Did Canada change their quarters? What about their other coins?

The mint issued special Millennium quarters. Here is a picture. A new quarter is released each month (September’s coin is Wisdom. You’ve probably got one of those.

Aside from the quarters, there is also a special issue of the $2 coin issued in 1999 to recognize the creation of the new territory of Nunavut. This is not a Millennium coin, but since the Mint has been bringing out new coins all through 1999 and 2000, it could easily be mistaken for one. The Millennium $2 coin looks like a “regular toonie” but the bear now has cubs, and the coin has the words “Knowledge / Le Savoir” on either side of the polar bears. See it here.

No other coin designs were altered for 1999/2000.

BTW if you follow the above link, you will see that there is no mistaking the $2 coin for a quarter. Not only is it considerably bigger than a quarter (Canadian and American quarters are almost identical in diameter), it is bi-metallic: a centre of “aureate bronze” in a ring of nickel. The quarters are plain nickel.


The coin I got is “Pride”.

If you put Proudly in a parking meter you can park for 15 cents US.