New Coffee Maker - this thing is unbelieveable!

We bit the bullet and went to Williams-Sonoma yesterday and picked up this gem. Since it came into my home last night I’ve had 6 cups of coffee. If you have the means and desire, I highly recommend it.

The downside is my teeth are chattering.

I was gonna say, have you been awake all night? :slight_smile:

I’m jealous, it looks very close to my Platonic Ideal of a coffee maker. I wish I had gotten one with a built-in thermal carafe, I hate the way the hot plate ones cook the coffee. I’ll have to do that for my next coffee maker.

Congratulations, you have entered the Capresso zone.

I got my first Capresso about seven years ago, on the advise of a coffee store owner. I had the same epiphany you describe. My God, that coffee is GOOD!

We’re now on our third, the first dying an untimely death, the second being a workhorse up until about six months ago. We replaced it with the same model the OP linked.

I’ve tried different coffee makers, from the cheap Melitta cones to French presses to drip units that are much costlier than the Capresso. Nothing makes coffee like a Capresso. I’m consistently disappointed by coffee I get out in the world, even at really good coffee shops.

I’m drinking some right now. Ooooh, my preciousssss…

I’m sorry, you’ll get my French press when you can pry it from my cold dead fingers.

Same with my Melita cone.

Keep 'em. I don’t want 'em. I have my precioouusssss…

We bought a Cuisinart Grind-And-Brew about two years ago, and more recently threw it out. It had a thermal carafe but didn’t keep the coffee hot. You could tell right away that it wouldn’t, because the sides were warm to the touch.

Does yours work any better in that regard?

That was one of the first things I checked after brewing the first pot. The carafe was still room temperature to my relief. As I plan on using it every day for the foreseeable future, I’ll report back a few month’s time if that is still the case.

Athena, I’d been pondering getting this coffeemaker for a couple years now. I originally thought that it was too much of an expense as I didn’t drink that much coffee, but after using a Keurig K-Cup coffeemaker for a while, I started getting sick of drinking just a few brands. Also, the Keurig has available a “My K-Cup Filter” which is supposedly an external re-usable filter, but it doesn’t work for shit. I had a few bags of coffee that I wanted to try yesterday and tried the My K-Cup Filter again. The coffee, just like last time, was undrinkably weak and I got fed up enough to just go buy the Capresso. I’m not sorry.

Yup, it definitely keeps it warm. Typically Mr. Athena gets out of bed between 30 minutes and an hour after I do. The coffee is still quite hot - it’s not until about an hour and a half after it’s made that it become noticeably cooler.

Athena the entire image of a coffee snob in the UP is just too much for my mind to wrap around.

After living in Beirut for 6 years, my wife and I can’t drink drip coffee anymore–too weak. For home we have stovetop espresso maker that makes 12 cups of espresso at a time, and an Arabic coffee pot similar to this one, only much bigger (where you just boil the grounds in the water–yum!). For my office, I just went to the Salvation Army and shelled out $8 for a Krups two-cup espresso machine. Works like a charm.

We’ve got this one: and it’s perfect for us. The coffee is delicious and it is the only one I know of that holds 12-14 cups, which we need here. We go through an entire pot a day, plus an extra pot (or 2) when Hod Rod Buddy is over.

Heh. I’m not the only one. We have a local roaster here called Dead River Coffee, which is quite simply the best coffee roaster I’ve ever had the opportunity to live near (and y’know, I haven’t been in the UP my whole life). Theo, the owner, is a walking coffee encyclopedia. Their roasts are amazing.

And plus… Shirley… I’m an all-food/drink snob… it’s just that I have so little opportunity to flex my snob muscles…

I’ve got a Grind-and-Brew (but no thermal carafe), and no way I’m going back. Coffee is way better when it hasn’t been sitting around as grounds for very long.

I personally don’t see the importance of a thermal carafe anyway. That’s what microwaves are for. Once the coffee is brewed, I pour myself my first cup, then turn the burner off. Coffee that hasn’t been sitting around on the burner will nuke back to life quite well.

Can we assume that you don’t live anywhere near a Wawa?

Thanks for this thread, I’ve always found most coffeemakers don’t get hot enough. I’ve had a Braun for years and sometimes will pour a cup and then nuke it to bring it up to temp. I hadn’t considered that the proper brew could be affected by this. Will check it out.

P.S. Wawa’s ground coffee brews up just as tasty at home as it does at the Wawa store (convenience store chain in the mid-Atlantic region).

Sorry Athena, didn’t catch your UP reference, no Wawa there. You can mail order the ground coffee though, here and probably at other coffee mailorder sites. Cheers!

I love coffee, and drink it every day… but remind me again why I need a $169 coffee maker?

We had one too, My husband hated it so much he threw it or parts of it several times. It was hard to clean. It had to be perfectly dry to grind and brew, or it wouldn’t work. What a pain.
We’re being so ordinary nowadays. I’m sure he would squak at anything with more than a single button.

Ah but you didn’t read far enough… or perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough.

We do have a great coffee store here. The owner is a walking coffee encyclopedia. He does his own roasts, and they’re amazing.

My reference to always being disappointed with coffee I get at coffee shops has to do with my lovely Capresso. Nothing makes coffee like that thing does, and even at places that have good beans and prepares them well, it’s never as good as the stuff I make at home. Our local place does pretty well - the either have a good drip machine going, or at off-peak times, makes cups one-at-a-time with a Melitta filter - but it’s not as good as my Capresso.

And let’s not even get into the majority of coffee shops, where the real product is foo-foo milk based drinks. Those are fine every once in a while, but when I want a cup of coffee, I want the real thing. And that’s very hard to find, in my experience.

We have a Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew and love it. Cleaning hasn’t been a pain for us, and the thermal carafe works long enough to keep it warm for at least 6 hours.