New Commo Tech > Rapid Social Change Correlation Or Causality?

New Communications Tech + 10-20 years = A burst of rapid social upheaval?

[li]1840s --steam powered printing presses & telegraph[/li][li]1850s Anti-slavery movement[/li][li]Late 19th Cent Phonographs, telephones.[/li][li]Late 19th Century Rise of labor unions, foundation of modern political Liberalism[/li][li]Early 20th Cent–radio[/li][li]1920s Womens Sufferage & Roaring 20s cultural changes[/li][li]1950s widespread introduction of TV[/li][li]Late 50s/60s–radical change.[/li][li]80s/90s–Home computers & the Web[/li][li]Early 21st Cent–Gay Rights & 1st African-American President, Internet-driven uprisings in Tunesia, Egypt, & perhaps soon…Iran?[/li][/ul]

Is this causation or causality?

Does innovation in communications tech create rapid social change?

I think that in this case you are picking and choosing, but in general I think communication technology does have a strong connection to social change. In many ways, communication technology plays a vital role in creating and cementing identities, and changing identities can lead to large social impacts.