New contract negotiation coming up

At my job, I am going to be in negotiations for a new contract next month.

I don’t really care if they decide to keep me or not, but the main thing is that if I do stay, I need a raise for the amount of work they have me doing. Rumor has it that they expect me to get a new title and new responsibilities, and that they want to me to take over the supervisor position for my department as well.

The way it works is: my main job is A. Job A takes about 40 hours per week. Industry wide, I work more than others in the same position. Job B is committee-related. Usually, I do about 10 hours per week for that, which is pretty much industry standard, but not with the increase in hours from Job A. Job C would be the supervisory position, where they subtract about 4 hours from Job A but add about 10 hours of other responsibilities. Job D would be the new title. I suspect this job will add about 20 hours per week because I did that job before and I really don’t want to do it again. Probably, they will subtract 4 hours from Job A, but they will not increase the hours reduced if I take both C and D.

My goal, if they expect me to do ABCD is to get a 15-20k raise. My current salary is below industry average. 20k might seem like asking a lot, but after taxes this will come out to about $300 per paycheck, $600/month.

My questions:

  1. How can I increase leverage to achieve my goal? One thing I’m thinking about is starting the paperwork to arrange for unemployment benefits when my contract ends.
  2. If they just ask me to do A and B at this point, can I ask for escalators later if they expect me to do C and D?