New Dandy Warhols is out (kinda)

So I logged in to the computer this morning excited to check out the new Dandy Warhols album, which was released digitally today on their website. They’re trying something new though, to get the album you have to subscribe to their site for 35 bucks for the year. This gets you the mp3s (DRM free apparently), a copy of the CD whenever that’s coming out, a hideous poster, and access to any b-sides they post over the course of the year.

I love the Dandys, but I can’t fathom paying $35 for the album (I don’t need a physical copy cluttering up the place thank you), and an unknown quantity of b-sides over the year. Especially there are always at least one or two songs on every Dandys album that are completely unlistenable (hello, “Insincere”). Unlistenable? Unlistentoable? You get the idea.

Anyone pull the trigger on this? Anyone know when a the album will be available alone? I can’t find anything on the internets.