New Dr Who mini-episodes

If you’ve been living under a rock, here are the two new mini-episodes of Dr Who, aired as part of the BBC’s Comic Relief charity drive.


Thank you!

Thanks for this. I’ve not been living under a rock, but I am tired of trying to figure out the weird schedules the show uses. I always just wait until a thread appears here rather than waste my time trying to figure it out.

And it’s not just this show, either–I do it with all the shows that Dopers tend to watch, once there’s been at least one week without a new episode.

Did anyone else have a problem with the video controls not showing? It looked like they were trying to hide that they were streaming from YouTube. Even double clicking wouldn’t take you to the original video.

Or is it a bug in Firefox 4 RCs 1 and 2?

The series starts on Easter Saturday every year and runs for 13 weeks, plus a Christmas Special.

Except for this year when they’ve decided to run for 7 weeks, break till Autumn and then run the last 6 with a big game-changing cliffhanger in the middle.

Thanks, but I have to admit I’ve started to like my method. I instsntly have a ton of stuff to read about after I’ve seen the show.

More and more, that’s what I do too.

Try here instead

That was great–I loved Amy flirting with herself, and Rory imagining what he would do with two Amy Ponds. :dubious:

Oo. I forgot to actually talk about it:

I thought it was a perfect summation of Moffat’s approach to time travel. We don’t need no stinkin’ cause and effect. Information can just come out of nowhere.

It reminded me of Jack, myself.

Ooh, I hope those two run into each other. Poor Rory and the Doctor.

Steven Moffat has a warped (but very fun) mind. Loved it.

It looks like this year each episode will actually air in America and the UK on the same day, as the US premiere will be on April 23 on BBC-America.


Ooh, great stuff, and it could hardly have come at a better time. :wink: After Wizard World, I really needed a new fix of Doctor Eleven and Amy today - and Rory was fun too of course.

Just one problem, though - I can’t quite make out what Amy mumbles to herself just before she goes through the police box door for the first time - after slapping Rory, and “Do I really look like that?” “Yeah - yeah, you do.”

Thanks muchly for the link, Smeghead!

‘I’d give you your driver’s licence.’ ‘Yeah, you would.’

Great stuff! Did anyone else catch the Blink reference in there? Hint: listen for the name of the “right lever”.

That reminds me. It’s cute when Brits say “leever.”

Actually, there’s a good chance Jack will take a shine to Rory instead. He’s his type.

Everybody is Jack’s type.