{New Dr Who Season, UK pace} [edited title]

6:00 on BBC One and 9 Eastern on BBC America.

My wife and daughter are quoted in the above article. Laura claims the words “love meter” never left her lips… uh, huh. Sure, babe. :wink:

There is also something called “Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide” airing tonight on BBCa @ 8pm EDT.

Lastly, before the new episode Saturday night, is a hour-long season 5 recap.


also in Canada on “Space”.

I read that the BBC will air a 15 minute tribute to Liz Sladen after the first new episode. Does anybody know if BBC-America be doing that too? I just want to be ready to DVR it, just in case.

I’m ready. Has anyone set up a pace thread, yet?

Oh gosh, I hope so… fingers crossed! Better be ready to cry tomorrow night. :frowning:

ETA: It’s not the BBC America website schedule yet.

THANKS! I’ll check the DVR tonight.

I believe the tribute is on the CBBC channel not on BBC1. UK dopers take note.

Two new and rather mysterious mini-trailers:


Totally non-spoilery, btw.

So anybody care to make a few WAG predictions?

  • There will be at least one joke about the upcoming royal wedding. (Someone will congratulate Amy & Rory on their recent wedding, and drop a hint about future events for the future king & his queen.)

  • The mysterious entity “the Silence” will revealed to be… River Song herself. (She debuted in a story called “Silence in the Library”, it’s strongly hinted that she kills the Doctor at some future point, and Stephen Moffatt has gone to a lot of effort to get the audience to like & get behind this character - it’s seems only apropo that he is planning on pulling the rug out from beneath everybody.

  • The mid-season cliffhanger will be the Doctor being mortally wounded by River, and beginning to regenerate - in the fall, we’ll see a new Doctor.

  • The sonic screwdriver will be used for some purpose other than driving screws. (Many other purposes in fact.)

  • The Daleks will make some “surprise appearance” late in the season.

Driving nail (I hope!).

I am sick to death a fricken screwdriver becoming such sufficiently advanced technology that it has become a magic wand. Doctor Who is better when the writers have to work harder, and a magic wand is too easy an escape.

I cannot emphasise enough that people should not view the BBC Doctor Who website, prior to broadcast tonight. There are a couple of images that are gigantic spoilers. I can’t believe that they been posted, frankly.

…my brother warned me off the internet. He got spoiled simply by doing a search on youtube. I am still relatively unspoiled, looking forward to tonight!

Just watched it - fucking AWESOME episode!

I’ve given up reading anything about Doctor Who. It’s either spoilers in some way or another, or people alluding to spoilers, or people discussing what they know for certain are developments in plots that turn out to be wrong, and hence not worth reading. I just watch the show in blissful ignorance like we used to do before t’internet.

Good, wasn’t it? Pretty ballsy to go for that kind of thing for a first episode! I’ve no idea what a first time viewer would make of it though. :smiley:

This is my new philosophy, I think.

That was great. A bit rushed, but when it ended on a cliffhanger, my first desire was to kill Moffat for making us wait another week, dammit.

See, that’s the good part of my having to wait for these to come out on DVD to see them - if there’s a cliffhangar I just click forward to the next episode or else put the next disk in.

On the downside, there IS that 6-12 month wait… I just started watching Series 5 this week. >sigh<

(No, I have no access to satellite or cable or any sort of (legal) site to view the episodes. Bother.)

I thought it was terrific and as a bonus to the normal fantastic cast, I LOVED Matt Sheppard in this episode–he’s just solid in everything he does!

Yes, I loved this! A few spoilered thoughts: (SPOILER! :slight_smile: )

Something has obviously got to happen to change the timeline, because I can’t believe that the writing team is going to make it canon that Matt Smith will be the last Doctor.

The shtick about the aliens who nobody can remember seeing is an interesting one, and reminiscent of some other works, including a one-off Piers Anthony novel. I’m wondering if they can’t turn that ‘ability’ off voluntarily, but it doesn’t work if you can’t see their faces or any exposed skin - thus, the spacesuit motif, as a way for one of these aliens to deliberately walk around going “Hey, remember me!”

The little introductory narrative by Amy is new, right? Parts of it are reminiscent of her intro to ‘The Beast Below’, and dialog in various scenes from season five. I wonder if this is a conscious attempt to ‘catch up’ new viewers who haven’t seen any previous Who.

River’s perspective on her relationship with the Doctor had some interesting reveals. Apparently, with the exception of just before the Doctor was about to die, her personal timeline and the Doctor’s are perfectly inverted, not jumbled haphazardly, which I’d wondered about given the precedents, but on the other hand, it makes the ‘diary’ shtick nonsensical. If their personal timelines are always perfectly inverted, then they will never both remember an event in their shared history… but for every event except the one they are living through, one of them will remember it. :confused:

Can’t wait for the next!!

ETA: I didn’t even recognize the FBI man as Badger!

Amy’s sick, River’s sick…

[spoiler]Does that mean they’re both pregnant?

Anyway, not too sure how I feel about the episode. I hate the fact that the rest of the season (maybe) the characters will be working on an assumption that any member of the audience recognizes is a straw man, that they witnessed the “true” death of the Doctor. It’s going to be explained away by some hand-waving, let’s just hope they explain it away next week.[/spoiler]