New energy weapon heats skin! Counter measures?

Per this article what could you do to counter the effects of this weapon if it was directed at you and you wanted to keep advancing.

"New non-lethal energy weapon heats skin
By KELLY HEARN, UPI Technology Writer

WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 (UPI) – The Marine Corps is developing a non-lethal weapon that uses electromagnetic energy to heat but not permanently burn human skin. The weapon could help soldiers counter terrorism threats, control unruly crowds and defend airfields and ships. Experts confirmed it was the first time the military had designed a so-called “directed energy weapon” for use against human targets.

The weapon concentrates energy into a beam of micro-millimeter waves that penetrate clothes to rapidly heat moisture particles in the outermost layer of flesh without going deep enough to damage organs. The device reportedly
causes no permanent damage to the body or to electronic devices such as pacemakers.
Though detailed information about the weapon’s design remain classified, the story stated that the weapon would heat a target’s skin to approximately 130 degrees Fahrenheit in about two seconds. Humans start to feel pain at 113 degrees. The report went on to say that soldiers could fire the weapon from distances exceeding 750 meters (2,250 feet) from their target – a range that would allow them to remain outside the reach of most small arms fire. The weapon could be mounted atop a military vehicle or on an aircraft."

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Since no damage is being done, you could simply ignore the pain, perhaps with the assistance of drugs.

Cover yourself in bacon.

I’m wondering if you could wrap yourself in one of those ‘Space Blankets’ that keeps you warm by reflecting your body’s radiation back at you. Except you would wear it inside out, shiny side towards the weapon. Better yet wrap yourself in Reynolds Wrap. This of course is just a WAG on my part but it seems that you wouldn’t have to reflect much radiation back to bring the temperature back down to your comfort zone.

As a yearlong resident of Tucson, I say… bring it on. 130 degrees? I scoff at your skin-heating beams, pesky humans.

Why does the heating stop at 130F?

What is the effect of distance? Energy weapons are more severe at close range, less so at a distance. Does it have the same effect from 10 ft to the stated range of 2,250 ft.

If this a narrow beam weapon like a laser that is aimed at each person or a wide beam that is aimed at a crowd?

The typical TV news mob scenes typically have a woman holding a baby in the background [human interest?]. Will this cook the baby? That will make great TV footage; watching the mother drop the baby when it gets too hot to hold.

The article mentions the Marines work where there are “lots of innocent bystanders”. They will be burning lots of innocent people.

Peoples eyes have moisture. Will they be burned?

It will force the TV people to stay on the politically correct side of the mob instead of mixing with them.

Unfortunately, this looks like a directed microwave. Covering yourself in aluminum foil would result in being covered in melted aluminum…

Better off with bacon, maybe some sliced cheddar, tomatoes…

A suggestion of the answer, from the article itself:

My instinct would be to agree w/ funnee–a mylar space blanket/poncho/body suit.