New England Area Dopers: Come get Witchy!

There are potential plans in the making for a trip to Salem, MA to do the witch hunt thing on Saturday, June 26. And while Erislover finds this far off into the future ;), and for this group, it does seem a bit early to be making definite plans, I was thinking maybe we should try. Anyone else interested? Is that a good date or a bad date?

New England Area Dopers. Does that make us NEADs? I just hate showing my vulnerable side so publicly.

I might have been able to make it but I’ll be at **DAVEW0071’s ** Ribfest 2004 that weekend… And, from what I’ve seen, two weeks notice isn’t actually all that advanced. But, were it not for the Ribfest, I’d be up for it; sounds like fun.

Yeah, I’m “special.” :smiley:

So far, only one potential trip in the future and it won’t be associated with Saturday travel, so I’m in, smokin’ buddy! :wink:

Aagghh! I’d love to, but, like the last NEAD get-together, this one’s set for a date I can’t make.

Too bad – Salem’s a neat place.

Wow, I’m tempted. That’s just down the road for me.

Only fly in the ointment: I’ll be getting myself and my horse ready for a show on Sunday – schooling one last time, then bathing him, braiding his mane, tack-cleaning, boot-polishing, organizing stuff, and so forth. Since it’s our first show together (pause for “Awwwwww…”) I’ll be a nervous, obsessive wreck. :smiley:

Hmmm…well, ValleyGirl is refusing bottles now, so she’d have to go with me. But I usually just strap her into her front pack and you’d practically forget she’s there. How do the NEADs* feel about breastfeeding in public? (I am discreet…)

  • I’ve been trying to think of an alternative name. I must admit a strange fondness for the New England Doper Festing, Lounging, and Recreation Society (NED FLandERS). Yes, I am a :wally

Stupid typo, that was supposed to be NED FLandRS. Nothing to see here, move along…

I never breastfeed in public. :smiley:

Well, it just goes to show you. I’ve always said, a sure way to kill a thread on SDMB is to mention breasts.


I have nothing against breasts - got s couple myself - they don’t feed anyone though. I don’t mind babies or breastfeeding in public places.

I just hope the 26th ends up working for us. My MIL is not fond of taking both the children at the same time. :frowning:

Sadly I’ve got other plans, otherwise I’d be there.

Ok, it looks like the 26th is a bad date for everyone except me and Eris, so how’s about another date?

Let’s see, I’ll do this in the most cleverly sophisticated manner that I can muster…
closing my eyes, rolling mouse around, random clicking…

How’s July 17th sound? Or is Sunday better? July 18th?

And that shouldn’t interfere with other Dopefests that I’m aware of yet and it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay into the future for plan making purposes. (I think on Eris’ scale, it could be a matter of cosmic proportions, so I hope that’s not a bad thing. Who else am I going to go sneak off with? :wink: )

I don’t see any reason Lily can’t breastfeed in public.

So Public Breasfeeding in Salem on the weekend of the 17th. Volunteers?

The 17th sounds a lot better for me, but I’m not committing myself to the breastfeeding part…

Well damn, I missed this earlier. I can make either date, and Salem is easy for me to reach.

Aw, crud.

I’m going to make one of these one fine day, but this is another one that’s just a bit to far for me to consider a day trip.

Well, I don’t think we’ve got anything scheduled for the 17th or 18th, so it looks possible…