New Five American website!

For those interested, The Five Americans (my band) have a new website with mp3’s and many pictures. Just check my profile for the address. Or you can just go to

Your humble board musician in residence.


[sub]fixed link[/sub]

Um… according to that link, the Five Americans are:

When one clicks on “about us”!

Pan try again. I just tried it. Make sure you typed it correctly. I own the domain name If you type that in or use the link it can only lead to my site.
Let me know if you still aren’t having any luck.

WOW! Good Luck.
Sounds Good.

Thanks, aha… the second link worked; I dunno why the first returns such bizarre results for me.

I see why. The first link includes a period at the end. Not sure why that makes a difference, but it seems to…

Did you build it, or did someone else? It’s nice to read all about the group.

Ginger I wish I could say that I built it but it not so. It was put tpgether by a professional outfit in Los Angeles. We hope to use the “shop on line” feature to sell CD’s, caps shirts etc eventually.

<listening to a download of Western Union>

Hey, I know that song!!! When I have heard people mention it on the board, I couldn’t recall it, but now that I can hear it, I remember hearing it before.

Good luck with the reunion tour!

Nice website, aha, but if in the future you will be selling items at the site, we’ll be asking you to be more discreet when mentioning it at the SDMB, since we have a rule against advertising.

Right you are Arnold. I most assuredly understand that position. That part is many months away and may never take place at all.

It was added as " a possibly good idea" when we placed the original order and the webmaster stuck it in there. Presently it contains nothing to buy and if it ever does I will remove that link from my profile.

Memo to self: Make present to Arnold before advertising.

Nice page aha, and good luck with the tour. But it shouldn’t say “New page 1” as the title of the window should it?

NO it shouldn’t juggler. What O/S are you using? I notice that it says new page 1 down above the task bar but it shouldn’t say that anywhere else. I will get in touch with my webmaster today to recitify it thanks. And let me know what Os youare using.

Yeah! now I can listen to it here at the house without having to request it every week from the local radio station . I know they have to think I am nuts by now.

Aww Osip you da man!

But just remember.
mp3 play=0$ for ol’ aha
1 play on the radio= 6 cents

Coming around here anytime soon, aha? I’d love to see you play, and I’d even pay for the pleasure. :smiley: