New Flaming Lips Album

At War With the Mystics - The Flaming Lips latest album won’t be released in the US till April 4th but you can listen to the entire album on their website if you’re interested.

I have to say, I love the Flaming Lips previous music, but this stuff just leaves me bored and uninterested.

Wow, I quite like it. It’s much better than Yoshimi, at least. This reminds me quite a bit of pre-Dark Side Pink Floyd.

I just listened to the entire thing and, for the most part, I love it. I admit the album sags a bit in the middle with a few songs suffering from bland R&B-lite arrangements but those are more than made up for by some incredibly catchy pop songs and bizzare soundscapes.

I’ve been a fan since Transmissions from the Satellite Heart and I feel that the Lips just keep getting better and better. It’s good to see that their sense of adventure survives untouched.

I think it’s fantastic. It’s too soon to say whether it’s another Yoshimi or Soft Bulletin; we’ll have to see if it holds up as well as those have.

I caught their poorly-kept “secret” show at SXSW last week, and a couple of the new songs really went over well live (“Free Radical” and “YYY Song”, in particular).