New Forms of Chemical and (Sub) Atomic Energy

Hello. Are there new forms of chemical and (sub) atomic enegy that have been created or discovered?

In order for us to know what “new” is, you’ll have to list all the ones you’re aware of.

The current known forms of nuclear energy are radioactive decay (not controllable); neutron-induced fission chain reactions in heavy elements; thermonuclear fusion of light elements; and antimatter annihilation. Recently there was speculation that there might be another: nuclear isomer de-excitation. There were claims that one nuclear isotope, 178 Hafnium -m2, could be made to liberate all it’s energy immediately by bombarding it with x-rays of a certain frequency. That claim is now in doubt, but you can read Wikipedia’s article on it HERE and follow the links.

Dammit, I was gonna say that. Pretty fascinating idea, but there’s no evidence that it can be controlled in order to make it useful. Still, that’s a type of energy slightly different from radioactivity, even if it can never be made into a useful tool.