New forum, new moderator

He’s so cute when he begs.

You’re illiterate? :smiley:

Apparently. Check out today’s Staff Report. I put an apostrophe in the posssessive “its.”

Define irony… :smiley:

Fuck it. I should just call it a day.

Which makes it “the posssessive ‘day’s.’”


I go on a two week vacation, come back, and there’s a new forum, new mods, and Jill??? appears to have gone crazy. When I pay attention to the boards, however, nothing like this ever happens. Weird!

Congrats Ike!

And when did bibliophage become a mod? Congrats to you too!

What else did I miss?

At the same time that bibliophage became a mod, DrMatrix did, and I unbecame one.