New forum, new moderator

Yes, we have a new forum here at the SDMB, for artistic types.

I hope you all have fun with it.

And I also hope you join me in welcoming Ukulele Ike to our staff. I expect the requisite description of his politics and fetishes to appear in the Pit any second now.

your humble TubaDiva

Must be an exclusive forum, it won’t let me in. (I sense the cabal…)

It won’t let me in, either. Even though I’m logged in, I was asked for my username and password again and failed to gain access to the page.

Great idea!

Congratulations, Uke. :slight_smile:

Once again, I am happy to see I’m not the only one with these issues.

yep. me too.

Same here. Can’t get in, even with the correct name/pass.


Ain’t that just like Ike? Start a new forum and don’t let anyone in?

Me too. So much for my dreams of being all artistic an’ ever’thang…

Can’t get in either.

I’ll congratulate Uke on his moderatorship here, then.



(congrats Ike!)

Where DID I put that key?

Lose my own head, next, most likely . . .

Lemme see here now . . .

your humble TubaDiva
Go post already, wouldja?

That new Forum looks familiar somehow…

Terry Pratchett reference, right?

Did the blurb for GQ change to include “factual” at the same time, or have I been asleep? Anyway, a good change.

Congratulations, Ike! :slight_smile:

You haven’t been asleep. We were discussing descriptions, and the “factual” bit for GQ came up, which led to manny replying “Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease.”

Ukulele Ike??!!

You let that illiterate, gun loving, backwoods redneck lunatic be a moderator? What has the world come to?

What? Oh, sorry, I was thinking of a different Ukulele Ike.

Reminds me of Fathom’s.

That would be me, UncleBeer, you have confused with Ukulele Ike.