new Gaiman series w/ Marvel

During an interview on Minnesota Public Radio I heard a few days ago, Neil Gaiman said that he will be doing a series for Marvel Comics called “1620”. While he could not go into details he did say that he is finally getting a chance reimagine and play with the classic Marvel Universe of Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby - all in his own inimitable style.

Knowing what Neil did for the classic DC heroes Sandman and Black Orchid, which Marvel hero would you most like to see Neil revamp?

Doctor Strange would be an obvious choice. I think the Silver Surfer could be really cool since he can travel to lots of different worlds and let Neil’s imagination really go wild. Maybe some lesser hero like Moondragon or something. Maybe Thor.

I agree - Doc Strange would be a natural choice for Gaiman to look over.

I would also like to see him redo the Fantastic Four, especially Doc Doom. Doom always was a strange egg - had his own country and a unique, if unexplored, interest in both science and magic - but not much ever came of him.

Marvel has somewhat of a history of taking good ideas from great writers and sort of mutilating them. What they did to Clive Barker’s ideas (the short-lived “Razorline” universe, if anyone remembers or cares) was a small tragedy. Here’s hoping they don’t perform similar butchery on Neil’s ideas.

That said, I think Silver Surfer would be a cool character for Neil to make his own, though perhaps a bit too obvious after Sandman.

It’d be even cooler to see him get more “down-to-earth” and try his hand at the Fantastic Four. Ahhh, the games Reed and Sue could get up to… and of course the Torch could be some sort of Fire Elemental… I think Neil could work wonders with that.

And, though I know the X-Men aren’t Golden Age characters, I’d love to see Neil’s take on Wolverine, maybe just for a one-shot graphic novel.