New Game: Collective Noun Mania!

Hurry! Hurry! There is a hot new game that will be the topic of conversation at water coolers across the nation come Monday morning!

I invented it about a minute ago.

You probably all know that a group of lions is a pride and a group of whales is a pod. But are you also familiar with a prickle of hedgehogs, a battery of barracudas and a charm of hummingbirds?

The object of the game is to invent an appropriate designation for a group of something. Bonus points if you are clever or witty.

Your subject does not necessarily have to be an animal; go ahead and use people, inanimate objects, abstract concepts, whatever.

In order to help keep this going, please limit your input to ONE CONTRIBUTION PER POST (and do not make more than one consecutive post).

I shall start us off:
A crack of plumbers

An earl of sandwiches.

An obesity of hamburgers.

A lot of auctioneers.

A frat of beer kegs

A lottery of gamblers.

A snipe of cheerleaders.

A plague of republicans.

A nitpick of Dopers.

A fraid of spiders

A hipster of iphones.

A leer of perverts.

A trick of prostitutes.

A fap of porn.

A caboodle of kittens.

A fold of struggling “dead tree media” (newspapers, magazines, etc.)

A cache of economists

a potluck of lesbians

A rush of stoners

A lot of used cars.