New gel for treating erectile dysfunction contains Glyceryl Trinitrate

Adds a whole new meaning to banging :eek:

I am not rubbing nitroglycerin on to my member, no matter how desperate I am for sex …

Shrug, it’s long been in use for cardiac illnesses, those famous “nitro pills” people run for.

I always wondered if the “Nitroglycerin” in the pills was the same chemical in dynamite famous for making “Explosive Worker” both highly paid and with a really short life expectancy back when the Trans-Continental Railroad was built.

Is it actually the same chemical, or are there more than one chemical structure that could use the name?

Yep, and for that reason, working with gelignite gives you eadaches until you get adapted to it.

It is the same chemical. I do like how they delicately call it Glycerin Trinitrate, and not Nitroglycerin.

And I am well aware of prior medical uses for Glycerin Trinitrate.

Jamie’s wife wants big boom.

Yes, it’s the same chemical, just diluted a lot more than the explosive form. It’s a lot like the way that dilute hydrogen peroxide is a simple, over the counter chemical disinfectant that no one thinks twice about having around, but concentrated hydrogen peroxide is an extremely scary substance that requires lots of specialized handing even for trained chemists, and is energetic enough to work as a rocket fuel if you can deal with the dangers. It makes about as much sense to worry about nitro pills or this gel exploding as it does to worry about a bottle of drug store hydrogen peroxide blowing up like an Me-163, but that doesn’t stop people.

Did you hear about he couple that tried Eroxon and anal sex on the same night?
They assploded.

That is true in a general sense, but nitro patches and defibrillators are apparently contra-indicated (Mythbusters notwithstanding).

But I wonder if the manufacturer could get Tom Jones to provide the music for the advertising:

Sex Bomb

Why is there a ‘but’ in there? Your link doesn’t say that the nitroglycerin in medicine explodes like dynamite, instead it says that electricity arcs to metal backing on the patches and sometimes to the gel. That doesn’t have anything to do with the properties of nitroglycerin, but the properties of the metal in the patch or makeup of the gel. “Arcing of the electrical current from the aluminum backing on the patches was the likely cause, but arcing has also occurred with nitroglycerin ointment and electrode gel.”