New Girl 3/6

Some spoiler space just in case.

I don’t know if anyone else watches this but if you do, I was wondering if anyone else thought it was possible Nick was lying about his results at the end. Or would that be too serious a turn for a comedy show.

I thought the same thing. Of course, I’ve had a thyroid nodule (aka “growth”) before and know that you don’t get a prognosis with an ultra-scan. They can tell how large it is from a scan, and whether it looks “suspicious,” but they wouldn’t know if it was cancerous unless it was biopsied.

It’s also an odd thing for people to get all worked up over from doing internet searches. Even if it WAS cancerous, and most nodules are not, if you’re going to get thyroid cancer, prognosis is usually very, very good.

I know, I know, it’s a sitcom, where four people have nothing better to do on a weekday morning (cause we all know that doctors don’t work on Saturdays, right?), than to go sit in the waiting room with their friend. After spending all night on the beach.

P.S. Continuity error alert: I also noticed that Nick indicated his right side to indicate where the lump was later in the show, after the ob/gyn clearly noticed the lump on his left side. Oops.

No, I don’t think he lied, simply because this is a sitcom and that would be too serious a plotline for it.