New Godzilla Trailer (#2)

Watch it here.

Holy. Crap. This movie has SO much going for it, I’m afraid to get my hopes up any higher than they already are, but each time I’ve watched the new trailer I get a HUGE grin. Can’t wait!

GodDAMN, I’m excited for this!


This version of Godzilla looks like it’s shaping up to be the giant monster movie I wanted *Cloverfield *to be.

That shot where they’re in the ribcage of a giant monster reminded me of this scene from one of my favorite comic books. I wonder if it’s a deliberate reference.

Um. It looks like just another loud movie with CGI monsters causing massive destruction. Do we need another one of these?

but - THIS giant-monster-causing-destruction-movie has Bryan Cranston! He’ll go all Heisenberg on that bitch’s ass! (I’m sure I’m the 500th person to say that)

Yeah, looks good to me. I like how they tied it to the original Japanese Godzilla.


I love the music/sound effects from 2001 that they used; so creepy.

Movie looks pretty cool, disaster/monster flick in one!

You’re looking at it backwards. This is the movie we DO need. The other “loud movies with CGI monsters causing massive destruction” were the ones that were unnecessary.

It’ll pass the time until they release “Threadshitting: The Motion Picture”.

I recognized every word you just used, but I can’t understand the way you’ve strung them together.

He looks at least kinda-sorta like Godzilla! Not the weird hybrid-square-faced-whatever that we were shown before.

Cranston seemed a bit over-acty to me…but it’s the G-man! It should be overacted!

It looks AWESOME! Hope we’re not disappointed…


The first week in May I’m going to a Godzilla film fest here in my city. I’m sure this is all anyone is going to want to talk about.

Planetary. Great stuff.

It looks like they finally found the perfect tone for the giant monster movie. About 1000x less Pacific Rim and more conspiracy thriller/Andromeda Strain/Dawn of the Dead.

Looks great! Can’t wait to see this.

I saw some of Pacific Rim at a friend’s. I cannot believe it was a pet project of DelToro, it was as bad as Deavlin & Emmerich’s 1998 abomination, just with better CGI.

I said this about superhero movies recently, and it goes double for monsters: It only works if you take the material seriously!

Oh, and I liked the use of the ‘choral’ sounds from Kubrick’s 2001!

OK, sign me up. But they have some big shoes to fill if they’re comparing themselves to the original: the “worm scientist” jokes, Jean Reno as that badass French army guy, the awesome Siskel and Ebert running gag with the mayor… easy to see why it’s considered a classic!

Then again you’d probably yell a lot if you discovered Godzilla. And if you need someone to go over the top, get the Cran Man. He’s the best there is.