New Guitar Amp: Geeking Out

I needed a practice amp - something to grab 'n go that can play over drums with sweet tone. Went back to UltraSound Studios (if you didn’t catch my thread about trying some amazing amps there through the best guitars possible, search the CS Forum - I have tried and couldn’t find it).

Anyway, I ended up trying a bunch of small amps and ended up picking this - a Bruno 18 watt Tweedy Pie, hand made and based on the '50’s Fender Tweed. Tone for days and days. I have never heard anything like it in a small amp. If you go over to The Gear Page message board and check out the Amps and Cabs forum, Bruno amps are pretty much the best thing going. I found that out after I heard this - listening was proof enough.

I searched and found one used for much, much less than the new price - it is arriving in a couple of days. I can hardly wait!!

Congratulations !!! I don’t know much about Bruno amps but it seems as if it is quite the “tone machine” When I saw the word “tweed”, it made me cringe because as a rule of thumb, I’ve found “tweed” generally translates to over a thousand dollars !!!

At first I thought you were looking for an inexpensive knock-around amp. Boy was I wrong.

By the way, were you the one that did the acoustic version of “Hocus Pocus” (with vocals by your girlfriend) ? I downloaded that to my ‘C Drive’ - yeah I thought it was that good. You and your girlfriend are quite the talented musicians.

Good luck with the amp.


I wasn’t the acoustic Hocus Pocus person - I submitted a version of Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz on that thread…but I agree, they did a nice job…

Yeah, the amp is not cheap, but man does it sounds amazing…complete tone heaven.

Yes, but does it go up to eleven? :smiley:

vinryk - you’re talking to a huge Tufnel fan here, so you better believe it!!

Man, is that thing expensive! I’d go with this. But it’s all a matter of preference, I suppose.

YellowTail - no question it is expensive. But ya gotta understand, Bruno amps are pretty much it.

His stuff regularly wins the Amp Shootouts (check and search on Amp Shootout for related threads, I think) and won Guitar Player’s Shootout.

Definitely not for everybody, but if you “get it” you are gone forever…

I have not heard the Carvin. There are a ton of EL84 small combos out there - 95% of them are crap. I have no idea if the Carvin is a good one or a bad one, but the difference in tone can be extreme…

There are a ton of boutique amps out there that cost as much as my Bruno new (I am getting mine used for about half retail - with a Celestion Blue speaker, the best out there - am I psyched or what?) that also, frankly sound like crap. Training one’s ears is a long-term, subtle thing. If I hadn’t been hanging out with a couple of long-term pro musicians and a record producer, I wouldn’t have heard the difference…but now I do and I gotta pay for it…

If WordMan sez the tone is good, you’d better believe it. He’s a fanatic.

Minor correction: I did Hocus Pocus, glad you liked it. Paula is not my girlfriend, she’s the singer. Best friend but not “girl friend”–I’m married and so is she…and not to each other. :slight_smile:

NoCoolUserName - you da’ best, dude.

I spend time on a couple of guitar boards - the Gear Page and the Les Paul Forum - and there is MUCH debate about what is good tone-wise. It is a subtle, subtle thing. People argue for their $300 amps and you know what? In some cases, they are absolutely right. Bottom line: if it makes you want to play, more power to you.

As for me, I think of guitar and amp tone they way I think of wine: some wines are inexpensive and good or great, some are cheap and awful, some are expensive and awful and some are expensive and obviously worth it. And some are expensive and subtle - most folks would say “it’s the same as the cheap stuff” and that’s okay. But some folks who have taken the time to learn might perceive more to be there…

Okay - moment of Zen Depth is now over. Carry on…

I guess that’s a key difference. If I couldn’t tell much diff betwixt the two then it would not be worth the money to me. But if you could tell a difference, then it may be money well spent, especially if the tone of any other brand/model just never sounded right to your ears.

Okay, so I got my amp. Oh my f***kin’ god, it is great. What is so wonderful is that it just loves Fender guitars. I have an amp that loves Gibsons - I can get the AC/DC, LedZep, classic rock tone for days, but I don’t have an amp that can get the chime-y, Chris Isaak, melodic, slightly overdrive clean tone that only a US-voiced amp and guitar can get. Until now. Wow this is amazing…Stevie Ray would love this amp. Crisp and clean with just the right amount of break up…ohhh yeah.

Jeepers, WM, calm down! Have a cigarette.

Is everybody OK? Did you get any on ya?

Congrats. I’m sure you’ll be very happy together.


whoa…needed a cigarette after that.