New Guy In Town


Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. I will point out however that threads like this would be better suited to our MPSIMS forum. Consequently, I am closing this thread.


Actually, maybe this thread, since it’s the first one, could just stay open, and rise to the surface every year or so, to make people smile :slight_smile:

Not a chance. I bet Arnold’s going to move or close it as soon as he realizes yet another refugee from pre-vB time is back with us.

Or, do you suppose it’s possible that, this being the first one Arnold had to close, maybe he just didn’t turn the key far enough?

        " **

I thought I had closed this thread before, and closed it after the switch to vBulletin. Anyway, beatle is right in guessing that it’s getting closed again.

Say goodnight Gracie.

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